I Love and I Hate About

Hey, I'm doing my homework right now, but I feel that I wanna update a post on my blog. Yap, random post as always. Hehe.


I love it when there is someone care enough to be my friend. But I'm sorry, I'm not arrogant, I'm just bashful. So forgive me if you remember when you're talking to me and I didn't look at you in the eye. 

I hate it when I see you and notice the things that I don't really wanna know. I think it's better to just hide the truth that I don't really wanna know or I don't really wanna hear about.

I don't usually say "hey" when I meet someone that I don't know quite well, but I'd be cool enough to spare my time for those who intend to talk or just say a simple "hey". I don't really care who they really are or how they judge me. As I know, I'd be pleased to help when someone needs help. As I remember, I made friends with all kinds of people.

I care about my friends... but I also care about myself. I don't smoke (I hate cigarettes and it's not cool when there is someone blow their smoke on my face, so if you wanna smoke, you'd better not smoke near me). I don't drink alcoholic beverages, too.

I hate hypocrites. I love solving mysteries. I love learning new things and keeping up with new talented people. I hate ungrateful people. I hate people who doesn't appreciate and respect each other... and I like people the way they are. So, if you are nice enough and you have problems, then you feel like to sharing it, I'd be glad to help.


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