Good Bye, Freshmen's Year. Welcome to the Sophomore!

Hey, guys.. It has been a long time ago since I wrote my last post.

Umm... What am I gonna tell you this evening?

Ok, I wanna tell you about my experience as a college student.

I’m going to be a second year student starting this summer, or we can call it as “The Sophomore”. I just graduated high school and came to secondary school right away, so last year was my first year in college. Yes, the freshmen year. I had no idea what to expect and I was really scared. Looking back now, I see that I had no reason to be. Hehehe.

College is really different from Senior High school. Besides, that you’re actually supposed to like what you’re taking-well, and it’s way better. When I was at Senior High School, it had so many rules and dramas. I didn’t allow to have a long-hair (for male-students), didn’t allow to brought cellphone to school, and so many rules that I ‘m too lazy to mention it one by one.

It’s a College. Your lecturers actually know what they’re talking about because they have so many experiences. There’s a ton of different people and no cliques. You can come and go as you please, and there’s always someone to help you if you’re having trouble with something.

My first year taught me a lot and made me realize what I really want to do, and that’s what college is supposed to be all about, isn’t it? 

My department is at English Language and Literature, but my lecturers and my friends often call it as “English Letters”. I have a great time in the program because I can get a lot of new knowledge in English. One of my favourite subjects is Structure in first and second semester. Why? Because the lecturer is friendly and humorous. But in the third semester now, I still don't know yet who my Structure’s lecturer is. Hopefully, all of my lecturers are good-hearted and sweet-tempered. Aameen.

So far, my college experience is living up to all those expectations you get from hearing about other people’s experiences and from the media, though that’s obviously slightly exaggerated, as we all find out when we arrive.

As long I’m still a college student, I live in boarding house near my campus and it is definitely nothing like all the movies make it seem; not as crazy out of control.

In my first year of college I met lots of new people, did lots of traveling, had times I’ll never forget and got one thing I wasn’t expecting-experience. All-in-all I’ve had a great college experience so far and I’m sure it will get even better from now on.

Well, that’s just my story about my experience so far and I look forward to writing about new experiences and issues that arise over the next moment.

Before I close this post, I wanna show you one of my favourite songs by Pee Wee Gaskins, “Welcoming The Sophomore”. Of course, the song has also inspired me to write this post. Well, just check it out!

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